What do you need to livestream from your bedroom?

Is your computer good enough? Can you do it with your MacBook Air?

The whole text below collapses to these two bullets:

  • If you don’t have a discrete GPU or are fine with a lower quality video and no creative flexibility - Streamyard is your friend. Or perhaps even Zoom

  • If you want to have fancy effects, interact with your community live and stream at the high video quality, then I don’t have an easy answer for you, but I have a 30 seconds demo:

These 30 seconds are cut from the last Friday’s OBS-shmobs class. The full video is 1 hour and it covers:

  1. What can you do if you have a gaming laptop or a PC

  2. What can be your bottleneck that spoils everything

  3. Overview of a proper OBS setup vs going with defaults

  4. Explaining the setup that I use for live video podcasts

You have access to this video if you see the #OBS-shmobs channel in Discord.

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It doesn’t cover the drama of how I didn’t test the new webcam properly and it became glitchy at the worst possible time.

The next class is on Friday at 11 AM CET

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How to set up audio and filters for the best possible quality

Streaming from a low-end laptop - what's possible

Setting up a livestreaming from Discord

As always, it will be recorded and available to the subscribers after the class is over.

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