Do you still sound 📢 like kastrull 🍲 on livestreams?

Let's setup your mic 🎙️ so your viewers feel like you're a top podcaster broadcasting from a 30,000 EUR studio.

I have weekly livestreaming classes where I explain OBS, Twitch, YouTube and all the tech and platforms that creators, influencers and educators use these days.

Last week it was the anti-kastrull 🍲 class. Here’s a 2:44 minutes demo:

Anti-kastrull filters on VS anti-kastrull filters off

The whole class is 56:30 and covers the minimum setup for the audio in OBS.

I show filters, explain how to chain them, demo noise-cancelling using NVIDIA’s AI and explain multi-track streaming and recording.

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OBS-shmobs classes:

All classes are on Fridays at 11 AM CET.

  • Feb 26: Virtual events in social networks for livestreaming

  • Mar 5: OBS from zero to the basics

  • Mar 12: How to sound good on livestreams and podcasts

  • Mar 19: Livestream from Discord to twitch, YouTube and Facebook

  • Mar 26: How to make your livestream look pretty

  • Apr 2: Your streams won’t need any post-production if you do this

  • Apr 9: Make your livestreams interactive to assemble a community

  • Apr 16: Twitch vs YouTube vs Facebook Live vs LinkedIn Live

  • Apr 23: Bonus chapter class

  • Apr 30: The top mistakes to avoid on livestreams

  • May 7: Bonus chapter class

  • Bonus chapters:

Streaming to/from Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces;
Streaming to Instagram;
Small studio setup for live podcasting;
Portable livestreaming setup for hybrid events;

I adapt the program according to the group's immediate needs and progress. So subscribe now and help to shape up the program.

You’ll be able to drop-off at any time.

What is the price?

You get access to the classes and recordings for 50 EUR/mo. Drop-off any time.

Why so cheap?

Because I am creating this program as we go. The next cohort will be more expensive. So subscribe now.

What’s up with kastrull 🍲?

Just google “kastrull Ikea“ to get the joke and be more motivated to improve your audio.