Friday classes: live podcasting and livestreaming with OBS

1. OBS, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc. 2. Podcasts and live video/audio production

Do you know Anna? She runs the Community Weekly newsletter and we did 2 episodes about paid communities.

Anna has inspired me to launch paid Friday classes (she calls it a mastermind group) about livestreaming, live podcasting.


This video ☝️ shows what you can learn if you subscribe:

  1. OBS, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc

  2. Podcasts and live video/audio production

You’ll be able to build a similar pipeline with open source and free tools running on a laptop. Probably =)

OBS-shmobs classes:

The classes are on Fridays at 11 AM CET. Starting on Feb 26 and evolving upon the community feedback.

  • Feb 26: Virtual events in social networks for livestreaming

  • Mar 5: OBS from zero to the basics

  • Mar 12: How to sound good on livestreams and podcasts

  • Mar 19: Livestream from Discord to twitch, YouTube and Facebook

  • Mar 26: How to make your livestream look pretty

  • Apr 2: Your streams won’t need any post-production if you do this

  • Apr 9: Make your livestreams interactive to assemble a community

  • Apr 16: Twitch vs YouTube vs Facebook Live vs LinkedIn Live

  • Apr 23: Bonus chapter class

  • Apr 30: The top mistakes to avoid on livestreams

  • May 7: Bonus chapter class

  • Bonus chapters:

Streaming to/from Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces;
Streaming to Instagram;
Small studio setup for live podcasting;
Portable livestreaming setup for hybrid events;

I adapt the program according to the group's immediate needs and progress. So subscribe now and help shape up the program.

You’ll be able to drop off at any time.

What is the price?

You get access to the classes and recordings for 50 EUR/mo. Drop off any time.

Why so cheap?

Because I am creating this program as we go. The next cohort be more expensive. So subscribe now.

How to get to the class?

  1. Subscribe to this newsletter

  2. Join Discord server

  3. DM @evangelist#0505 to get invited to a private channel

Where do the classes happen?

In a subscribers-only channel in Discord. 

Are these recorded?

Yes, so subscribers can catch-up with the skipped class.

Are the recordings public?

No. The recordings are hidden (unlisted) on YouTube and distributed only to subscribers.

What if Fridays at 11 AM CET is inconvenient?

I record the classes and offer subscribers the access to a closed channel for questions.

Something else? Not clear? Want to suggest the topic?

Just reply to this email or poke me in Discord.


  1. Anna's newsletter.

  2. YouTube playlist about Discord and community tools.

  3. The Discord community that I talk about all the time.