Look around. Everyone is launching podcasts, newsletters, YouTubes, streaming on Twitch, selling stuff on Instagram. Do it too! Choose a creator subclass 🗡️

How to become a YouTuber in 2021?

How to start a live video podcast?

What hardware is good enough?

We’re covering this ☝️ and much more in this 👇 online class:

  1. Livestreaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn

  2. Podcasting live and recording clean beautiful audio

  3. Choosing and setting up hardware, microphones, lights on maximum and minimum budgets

  4. Discord community setup and using Discord for online event

  5. Substack, Gumroad, Convertkit and other creator-focused platforms

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Why I am skilled to teach livestreaming and podcasting tech

I’ve set up two beautiful home studios and few office studios, tested a shitton of equipment, launched multiple audio-video podcasts, set up several YouTube channels, launched a media operation that many professionals admire.

Check out our live shows 👈 You’ll be able to do a live show like this after my class.

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